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Gardening for British Columbians and the Net!

Gardening B.C. is here as a resource for all those that are interested in every aspect of gardening in B.C. We also have links to other gardening areas on the Internet to research gardening  topics more fully. Also if you are thinking about trying hydroponics see our HydroponicsBC website for all sorts of great info on hydroponics.

To help you find what you need we also have listings under Garden Clubs, Garden Supplies, Landscaping, Nurseries & Stores. Looking for a Garden setting to hold an activity  or event visit our Gardens & Facilities section.

It is that time of year again to get your gardening event posted on, we already have some up but I know there is a lot more coming so the earlier you get your event posted the better. Just send an email to with your event and we will post it for you.

Also now is the time to remember we have our Classifieds up and running so anything you want to sell or need please put it up on the board, no charge, a service to our readers.

Many website owners are concerned about how well their websites rank on the search engines, we can help you with that as GardeningBC is a great place to have a link from, the more the better that is why we will give a link to your website from any article (that is not just an advertisement) you send in. Also we have directory links for sites of interest to our readers, commercial sites we have a very modest fee to have an advertisement on our site.  So let us know what we can do for you.

Selling seedlings or crops or looking for something?

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Visit our Articles page featuring Brian minter of Minter Gardens contains information, tips and how-tos to make your gardening experience rewarding.

New download the Bee Friendly Plants for your Garden and Farm pdf.

This Month's Featured Articles:

Ornamental Grasses

by Brian Minter.

The appreciation of ornamental grasses is skyrocketing.  It takes, however, a while to understand the nature of each variety of grass and to see what it looks like during every season of the year.  Yes, they have their down times, but this little hiccup is easily overshadowed by their many fine qualities.  Most grasses, once established in a site they enjoy, are virtually carefree:  a little watering in summer, a little protection in winter and an annua... Read More Click Here


by Brian Minter

It’s hard to imagine a June garden without the mouth-watering flavour of strawberries, and the good news  is, planted now, both the ‘everbearing’ and ‘day neutral’ varieties will produce fruit this year.  For serious strawberry growers, however, the ‘June bearing’ varieties still produce high volumes of very large flavourful fruit.  Traditionally, main season strawberry varieties, planted now, will develop into good sized plants over the summer and fall, then produce great crops next year.  You will get a few fruits the first year, but they’re just a tease for the next season.  The flower buds of June berries are initiated in the shorter days of autumn, then produce good crops the following June. 

Some of the great ‘June bearing’ varieties for our area are: 

Hood:            This variety has very large dark red cone-shaped berries on upright vigorous plants.  It has great flavour and is terrific fresh and for jams.

Rainier:          The good sized berries of this variety maintain their size all through the season and have great flavour.

Sumas:          This very heavy yielding variety has lighter red berries and very good flavour.

Totem:          This very hardy variety, devel... Read More Click Here

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  • Visit our Home and Garden Video Library for tips and resources for improving your Garden.

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